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    When the giant King Titus declares war on the other inhabitants of Curá, breaking a thousand-year-old treaty, who will wield the great dragon’s sword and remind him of what was once sacrificed for peace? Crow Judge Connor travels to the World of Nampa to find the prophesied Indigo Traveler and bring him back to defeat the power-hungry tyrant.

    Xander is just a kid trying to avoid his bullies at school–and maybe forget about Milo, the childhood best friend who disappeared years ago. He doesn’t know anything about prophecies and griffins, or giant kings or dragon swords. When Connor and others from the world of Curá arrive seeking his help, Xander is unsure they’ve chosen the right savior.

    Is he the fabled Indigo Traveler, able to change the heart of the rampaging King Titus and restore the dragon’s peace? Or will Xander’s fear hold him back from the confrontation as much as it keeps him from seeking the truth about Milo?


    It follows Alexander (Xander) Veh as he travels to the World of Curá. In his home world, Xander is bullied. He wants to face the Creator to know why he was created this way. Before he can do that, Xander must face the rampaging Arimaspian King. Can Xander face this king when he can’t face the bully back home?

    Childhood best friends Xander and Milo thought their adventurous days as Indigo Travelers had ended in Curá two years ago, when they restored Milo’s human body and defeated the power-mad King Titus. But when old allies arrive unexpectedly, the boys must return to the magical world they once saved. They take with them friend, Sarah.

    The Indigo Travelers quickly uncover that an intruder to Curá passed judgment on the reformed king for his crimes. With his soul trapped in the Shadowlands, forever reliving the misery he inflicted on others, the kids must journey through the nightmarish landscape and rescue him.

    Can they find the king’s soul before they lose their own sanity to the tormenting images of the Shadowlands? Or are they doomed to spend eternity walking the wasteland while the fate of all their worlds hangs in the balance?


    King Titus struggles to find forgiveness in himself for what he did several years ago. Though, this time, Sarah Johnson accompanies Xander and Milo to Curá.

    Sarah Johnson’s goal is to discover who she is and why she experiences reoccurring dreams of a circle within a circle with many divisions. Spiders crawl the lines, sometimes, talking to her about a world where there is strife, two spiritual paths seek to rid them of a third one. In addition to wanting answers about that, she has a gut feeling she’s adopted, but her parents won’t admit to it. She knows they’re lying but can’t prove it. She feels like she’s an alien and she’s ashamed to admit to the boys. This is part of 1 of Sarah’s journey. To see how her story ends, read Indigo Travelers and the Lost Murdoc Princess.

    Sarah dreamed of the circle with many divisions. A voice spoke to her of the lost Murdoc Princess bringing peace to a world where two rival spiritual paths sought to convert each other. It spoke to her of ridding their world of the third, the Murdocs, but she knew she was part Murdoc.

    Could Sarah be the Lost Murdoc Princess? If so, her people and her life were endangered because of the other two spiritual groups. After the voice finished, a spider appeared to her, with the symbol on his forehead, telling her to trust him. She hates spiders. She learned they are Anansi.

    Separated from her friends, Sarah must turn to is the one insect she is most fearful of, the Anansi, which look like spiders. Can she allow one to become her best friend? Does she trust the Anansi to teach her the meaning of the symbol of the circle with the divisions?


    Sarah Johnson finds herself in a strange world called Wayla. Xander believes he is there to protect her. Her goal in this book is to understand her visions of the circle with the many divisions and the spiders that are crawling on it, urging her to trust them. She wants to understand why her birth parents gave her up and why the spiders, who she learns are Anansis, keep calling her Princess Sarah. Her mission on this world is to unite the three divisions and keep two of them from wiping out her people, the Murdocs.

Haunting of Powell Hall

Graduate student Mark Owl Eyes loves telling ghost stories, especially the stories about Powel Hall, but he never considered they could be real. He especially enjoyed scaring his girlfriend.
Krystal, the ghost of Powell Hall, has been waiting for her lost love for 70 years. Mark resembles him. Once he sees Erin on his arm, Krystal demands he chose between her or Erin.
Mark finds himself caught between two worlds, seeking his ancestors. If he doesn't find the answer by Halloween night, his girlfriend might become the next ghost of Powell Hall.